World Series Update #1 (Friday) – Expect Traffic, Closures near Minute Maid Park

Weather Update

The National Weather Service says that Houston can expect breezy, cool temperatures Friday with low early morning temperatures into Saturday.

Staying Safe

If you’re in Houston for the World Series, or you live here, it’s important to remember some basic safety tips:

  • Never leave valuables in vehicles unattended.
  • Make sure you stay hydrated, especially if you’re engaged in a lot of outdoor activity.
  • Call 9-1-1 for emergencies and 3-1-1 (713.837.0311) for non-emergency help and information
  • Report any suspicious activity to law enforcement.  If You See Something, Say Something™, Make the Call.  Visit for information on what to look for, and call 1-855-iwatch4 (492-8244) to report suspicious activity. For crimes in progress, call 9-1-1.

Road Closures

As part of security procedures for the World Series, the City of Houston has closed some roads around Minute Maid Park. Some detours will be in place, but if you’re not participating in World Series events, its probably a good idea to avoid the area.

To view this as an interactive Google map, visit

Getting Around

Houston has a variety of great options for getting around during World Series events. The City encourages visitors and residents alike to try and use mass transit when possible.  In addition to being a less expensive option, it will help reduce traffic around Minute Maid Park.

Visit for updates on transportation options.  Also, follow @HoustonTX on Twitter for the latest updates.

Transportation Options

Parking Options

If you plan to brave the parking situation downtown, it’s worth it to plan ahead and identify 2-3 potential parking areas.  When you drive in, park on the side of the stadium from which you came.  Road closures will make it very difficult to get to the other side.

Please note that some parking garages, especially around the Theatre District remain closed as they are repaired from damage sustained during Harvey.

For a map of parking options downtown, click below:

Houston’s Airports

Ride the Rail Free with your World Series Ticket

Are you one of the lucky ones with a ticket to the games?  METRO is offering free trips on METRORail with any valid World Series ticket.  You can take the Purple or Green Line and get off at the “Convention District” station for quick access to the park.